Monday, October 22, 2007

How To Download Movie/Song From Internet

Many of us already downloading stuff like movies , Songs , Software from the Internet for sometime but I've come across there are still many of Internet user who don't have a clue how this can be done. That goes to some of my friends too, so for the benefits of all , let me share with my readers how this can be done,in fact it is so easy actually.


Firstly, you need to have a peer to peer (p2p) client . A p2p client exploits diverse connectivity between participants in a network and the cumulative bandwidth of network participants rather than conventional centralized resources where a relatively low number of servers provide the core value to a service or application. Peer-to-peer networks are typically used for connecting nodes via largely ad hoc connections. Such networks are useful for many purposes. Sharing content files (see file sharing) containing audio, video, data or anything in digital format is very common, and realtime data, such as telephony traffic, is also passed using P2P technology.

Server Based ( not p2p) and a P2P Connection

The concept here is based of file sharing . File sharing is the practice of making files available for other users to download over the Internet and smaller networks. Ok some basic information for all. There are many p2p client like Kazaa , Limewire , Morpheus , Azureus and more out here that you can install on your pc for for downloading purpose. I am currently using Bitcomet , Bitlord and Bearshare for my download. Here's the simple steps :

1) Download a client - If you want torrent based download please choose client like
- BitComet
- BitLord

If you want a nontorrent based download please choose client like

or you can launch a search using yahoo for more p2p clients.There are plenty out there.

2) Get A File To Download - After your installation/s , look for file/s that you want to download.For torrent based client you can download at this sites
- Isohunt
- Piratebay
- Torrentspy
- Torrenbox

For nontorrent based is very suitable when you want a title whether it's a movie , mp3 , PC game or whatever you straight away search for it and download it. I use Bearshare a lot because it can download songs mostly in matter of minutes.You conduct search on the client itself, just put in your title.

There are billions of file available to be downloaded on the Internet and trust me , even you can find the rarest movie or song. If you download a number of files it's better to leave your PC on for 24 hour a day which I've been doing for the past 3 years.I've been downloading so many stuff like movies , xxx , mp3's for ages already. Some I saved while many deleted after viewing.Don't forget to share your files too and 1 more thing, If you surf Internet then you should turn off your p2p client because p2p will tremendously slowdown your pc . On your p2p when you are not surfing.This is why don't off your PC is a good idea.

To be continued

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