Tuesday, June 24, 2008

YouTube Today - Cat Fight

I can't help myself LOL when I came across this video recently. I think it's your turn now. Check this out.

Air Supply From the Heart World Tour 2008

Love was in the air as Australians Russell Hitchcock and Briton Graham Russell, of the long-running duo Air Supply, sang in front of 6,000 screaming fans at the Arena of Stars on 23rd of June 2008 . The duo's love tunes have tugged at the heartstrings of music lovers all over the world for so long. The concert seemed like a natural follow-up to the their success in the showbiz industry.

Billed "Air Supply From The Heart: World Tour 2008, Live In Malaysia", the event kicked off with the duo coming on stage at 8.35pm, much to the delight of the adoring audience. The crowd cheered without stopping, and it seemed like an impossible feat to get them settled down. Right from the opening number, Sweet Dream, the duo struck up a good rapport with the fans. Backed by a three-piece band, the duo showcased impeccable showmanship as they sang contemporary adult chart-toppers from their multi-platinum albums.

It was clear that Russell and Hitchcock could feel the energy in the air and didn't waste time giving the audience what they had come for. From the popular Even The Nights Are Better, they progressed to another unforgettable ballad, Just As I Am. It wasn't long before they got the crowd humming and singing along. The rendition of their ballads, especially the more familiar ones like Every Woman In The World, Making Love Out Of Nothing At All, Goodbye and Lost In Love, was a happy stroll down memory lane. During one segment, Hitchcock took the opportunity to praise Malaysia for its rainy climate.

He explained that having performed in various hot and dry countries prior to the concert, the duo found the rain a welcome relief. Prior to their stint here, the duo had thrilled fans in sold-out concerts in the United States, Brazil and Canada, among other places. Air Supply had a string of hits after making its international debut in 1980. Today, the band's greatest hits are still enjoying regular air play. Organised by Star Planet, with the support of Tourism Malaysia, Air Supply will be thrilling Malaysian audiences yet again at the Magellan Grand Ballroom in Sutera Harbour Resort, Kota Kinabalu, East Malaysia .

From New Strait Times

Friday, June 6, 2008

Watch Your Favourite 60s,70s,80s,90s TV Shows Here,

SurfTheChannel.com was launched in early October 2007 with the aim of indexing "all videos, everywhere" and listing them in easy to navigate pages. Quite a task considering the millions of videos online. As the project developed they found that the most popular posts from users were TV related links so they started to categorise links by TV show and episodes. This system and layout has developed over time to how you see SurfTheChannel today. They still have the objective of indexing videos from all walks of life but for now have based the system on the popular categories while they perfect the system. Among of the hundreds of TV shows available here are ...

and the list goes on.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008