Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Picture Taking Mask from Liquid Image

Next time you go snorkeling, don't bother carrying underwater digital camera to take picture or shoot videos of the stunning marine life that you see down there. With the upcoming digital underwater camera mask from Liquid Image, you will be able to take "handsfree" pictures, as the mask comes equipped with a built-in camera located at the top area. How cool is that?

This cool mask will be launched in March and it will come in two camera choices that is 5-megapixel and 3.1-megapixel. The device runs on two AAA batteries and can be used at a depth of up to 1.2m.

To take a picture or video, users have to line up the crosshair on the goggle with the object and then press the capture button located on top right. LED light inside the viewing area indicate the mode the camera is in when activated. This cool mask comes with 16MB of built-in memory to store the images but users can also expand the storage size by inserting a MicroSD card into the integrated slot. All the images can be transfered to a PC with the included USB cable.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Phantom Lapboard

The Phantom Lapboard is a combination wireless keyboard, laser mouse and hard surface that makes it easy for you to work or play games from your couch, easy chair or any comfortable setting in your home or workplace. It has a rotating keyboard that moves up and down at an angle includes a matching mouse.

The Lapboard maintains a wireless link up to 32ft away with a small device that connects to PCs and Macs through a USB cable. The mouse and keyboard both run for about six months on two AA batteries.

The Lapboard can help you maintain an ergonomically correct slouch while working or playing in an easy chair or couch. Sounds comforting enough, isn't it?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Google Sky

Wanna tour the galaxy in details? Well, the heavens are only a few mouse clicks away with Google Sky, a new feature in Google Earth. The company's satellite imagery-based mapping software allows users to view the sky from their computers.

This cool tool provides information about various celestial bodies, from stars to planets, and includes imagery from the Hubble Space Telescope and other sources. It also allows users to take virtual tours through galaxies, including the Milky Way, from any point on Earth they choose.

This software also promises users the ability to see planets in motion and witness a supernova. What's unique about Google Sky is that you have all the imaging data over the whole of the sky actually streaming, which means you can look at something that covers most of the sky, say our Milky Way galaxy, and you can zoom right into a tiny galaxy that's in the formation cycle.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


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Fans of cameras and photography, don't like to carry a tripod around? Well most of us don't but sometimes you'll find yourself where the light levels are so low that you really have to use one. the problem with most so-called "table top" tripods is finding a convenient flat surface to put the tripod on to get the height you need.

Here comes Gorillapod, funky- looking mini-tripods come in a variety of sizes to suit everything from compact digital cameras to full sized, zoom-lens equipped DSLRs.

The legs of Gorillapod are made up of many interlocking ball-joints, which means that the legs can be twisted into almost any shape you can think of. On top of that, each ball joint has a grip required to let you bend the legs around and grip almost anything (vertical lamp posts, chairs, etc) without slipping. The Gorillapod are also light and small enough to stow away in any bag.

Black Hound New York - Valentine's Day Collection 468x60

Monday, January 21, 2008

YouTube Today - Unknown Sea Creature Filmed Off Florida Coast!

This ' snake ' is
definitely a new discovery since I never never came across it . Have you seen one lately ? This sea creature is so unique and long .

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Avast Home Edition

Avast! antivirus is an anti-virus program developed by ALWIL Software based in Prague, Czech Republic, first released in 1988. Avast! was one of the first on-access antivirus programs to be released for Windows x64 edition which is now used worldwide and is available in 27 different languages.

Avast Home Edition 4.7.1098.80107 has become one of the most popular full-featured freeware anti-virus applications for Microsoft Windows users and has had over 14 million downloads on and this program is free for home and non-commercial use.

The software is aimed at preventing several types of computer threats, including those that are not technically computer viruses such as spyware and even rogue anti-spyware, and can also make a virus Recovery DataBase which is used to recover files when they are infected (instead of just deleting them). The product can be downloaded with full text and voice translations to more than 25 different languages.

The avast! Virus Chest is a folder where infected files can be stored when detected. Placing them in the chest causes the files' usage to be disabled and prevents them from causing any harm. The virus chest also stores vital system files to prevent them from virus damage. They still can be run, but the access to the file by any source or other program is blocked until it is removed from the chest.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Philosophy Of Success

If you think of failure, you will fail
If you don't have the mind to achieve, you will not succeed
If you want to win, you must not let the word ' failure' enter your mind
Or success will never shine on you

If you do not work seriously, you will fail
By observing nature and the Universe
It has been found that success originates from one's own will power
Everything is controlled by human psychology condition

If you wish to left behind, you will left behind
If you aspire for the highest position
Before you can succeed
You must have the belief that ' I Will Make It '

Life is like a constant battle
You do not only needs to be strong and have guts to win
As of all people who eventually achieved success
Are people who sincerely believe that ' I Will Make It '

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Coming March 21 & 22 Live In My Country Malaysia

The Here & Now tours are one of the most successful and high profile of all the 80s' tours. So far, there had been 5 UK tours as well as tours in Australia, Japan and Europe. Now, the tour stops over to Genting Highlands, bringing to you a line-up of evergreen artistes who include Belinda Carlisle, Bananarama, Paul Young, Johnny Hates Jazz and Limahl who will have the audience rocking in Arena of Stars.

Belinda Carlisle has gone on to become one of the most successful performers after her departure from The Go-Go's and one of her unforgettable hit songs has to be 'Heaven Is A Place On Earth'. Bananarama's infectious 'Love In The First Degree' never fails to get the audience tapping on their feet when they perform this hit. Paul Young's signature title 'Everytime You Go Away' coupled with his soulful voice has made him one of the most respected British singers of all time. As for Johnny Hates Jazz, the group vaulted to international stardom following the release of their single 'Shattered Dreams' and there had more success following that. Limahl's 'Never Ending Story' which was also the theme song for the movie of the same name will surely bring back memories of the movie many audiences in their 30s would have watched in their young days.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Cool Speaker

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Have you ever thought of letting everyone around you to listen to your favourite music collections on your iPod, PDA or Sony Ericsson mobile phone? Well, nothing is impossible, thanks to Altec Lansing's Orbit-M speaker. This tiny handheld device is meant to connect up to your iPod, PDA or Sony Ericsson mobile phone and turn it from a personal audio device into a loud boombox for others to hear as well.

The palm-sized, lightweight Orbit-MP3 speaker system is an ideal iPod or MP3 player companion when you want a break from headphones. Or slip it out of a pocket or purse for an attention-getting way to share your tunes anytime, anywhere. The full-bodied, 360-degree sound will make your friends wonder where the speakers are. And with its long battery life, the music keeps playing long into the night.

This cool speaker comes with two extra connectors besides the default 3.5mm stereo audio jack. There's a 2.5mm stereo jack adaptor for some mobile phones and PDAs that use it and a special connector to output audio from a Sony Ericsson mobile phone.

Atom Entertainment (formerly AtomShockwave)

YouTube Today - Train In Bangkok

Take a look at this video, which I find bizarre enough. It's something that you don't get to see often and this one is from Bangkok, Thailand. And watch it till the end, that's the best part.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

SATVOD - The new way of watching TV & Movies

SATVOD Player is The new way of watching TV & Movies.the SATVOD team scans the web every day for fresh video content in Divx quality available on third party websites.The SATVOD team index the new links and update the SATVOD player and also checking and removing broken links every day.
SATVOD = Satellite TV V.O.D (Video On Demand)
or just
Satellite V.O.D
Some of the features you can watch here is new and classic movies, TV series like Battlestar Galactica, episodes of The Six Million Dollar Man , Space 1999, One Tree Hill and many more .

KLCC In Da House

Recently I drove around my nearby neighbourhood and I came across this house where there a mini replica of KLCC building which captured my attention and I took a snap with my hand phone.
It looks quite funny to me but the sure thing is the owner of the house must be a great admirer of The world's tallest building from 1996 to 2004 here in Malaysia. Here's the picture I took below.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Researcher: Firefox Vulnerable To ID Spoofing

Firefox 2.0 has a vulnerability that can leave its users susceptible to an identity theft attack, according to Aviv Raff, a security researcher based in Israel.

Raff outlined a bug in Firefox that allows spoofing and enables an attacker “to conduct phishing attacks, by tricking the user to believe that the authentication dialog box is from a trusted website.” The versions affected include Firefox v2.0.0.11 and prior versions. Ryan Naraine got a private demo of Raff’s work and noted that this attack is easy to fall for.

Gallery: How to secure Firefox.

Raff in his post outlines two possible attacks:

1. An attacker creates a web page with a link to a trusted website (e.g. Bank, PayPal, Webmail, etc.). When the victim clicks on the link, the trusted web page will be opened in a new window, and a script will be executed to redirect the new opened window to the attacker’s web server, which will then return the specially crafted basic authentication response.

2. An attacker embeds an image (pointing to the attacker’s web server, which will return the specially crafted basic authentication response) to:

  • A mail which will be sent to a webmail user.
  • RSS feed which will be consumed by a web RSS reader.
  • A forum/blog/social network page.

As for the workaround, Raff suggests avoiding sites that require password authentication and give you a dialog that looks like this. Mozilla last issued a security patch for Firefox Nov. 27.


Saturday, January 5, 2008


Old photos and duplicates take up precious space in your hard disk and it can be a daunting task to manually sorting through all the folders to remove these files. Thankfully, there is an easier way for you to do this and it won't cost you any money.

With VisiPics, a freeware from Ozone, you can now sit back and let the application automate the process. You can select the photos you do not want to keep and remove them with a push of a button. The user-friendly VisiPics does more than look for identical files where it applies five image-comparison filters to measure how close pairs of images on the hard drive are.

It will detect two different resolution files of the same picture as a duplicate, or the same picture saved in different formats, or duplicates where only minor changes have taken place. All detected duplicates are shown side by side with pertinent information like file-name, type and size displayed.

Friday, January 4, 2008


If you signed up for Google's email service, you can use its Google Talk network to send instant messages to people on your Gmail address book. You can write messages to people in your contacts list right there in the browser and even save your transcripts to your Gmail account.

Windows user can also download stand-alone Google Talk instant-message software, which lets you transfer larger files between computer, make free PC-to-PC voice calls over the Internet and even leave voice mail for friends on your contacts list.

Google has a page devoted to getting started with Google Talk at

Because Google Talk uses the Jabber network, your instant messages don't go through the same network and servers used by chat sessions in the Microsoft Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! or other instant messaging services but it is possible to chat with people on other IM networks, usually by using IM software that links the different systems such as Psi, Adium and Trillion Pro.