Thursday, January 10, 2008

SATVOD - The new way of watching TV & Movies

SATVOD Player is The new way of watching TV & Movies.the SATVOD team scans the web every day for fresh video content in Divx quality available on third party websites.The SATVOD team index the new links and update the SATVOD player and also checking and removing broken links every day.
SATVOD = Satellite TV V.O.D (Video On Demand)
or just
Satellite V.O.D
Some of the features you can watch here is new and classic movies, TV series like Battlestar Galactica, episodes of The Six Million Dollar Man , Space 1999, One Tree Hill and many more .

1 comment:

Loika said...

We Found SATVOD by accident last year and its been great best thing for us, new and old movies not to mention the Cartoons I grew up on, but What's been happening of late as soon as the movies go up is as fast as they are removed from server, Not happy with that at all.