Friday, March 14, 2008

gDocsBar - A Must Have For Your Computer

gDocsBar is a sidebar extension for Firefox,a perfect companion for Google Docs. With gDocsBar, you can drag and drop multiple files into the sidebar to upload documents. You cansearch and filter documents right from the sidebar.Version 05.6 adds templates, Web clips, smart folders, the ability to create new documents, and several bug fixes.

Kill that extra Firefox browser tab you keep open for working with Google Docs and manage everything from the sidebar instead. The sidebar features a search-as-you-type box to find your documents, a drag-and-drop field to upload files from your desktop or the Web, and can filter by title, date, and author. You can also browse documents by type, create new documents from a template, and easily save clippings from favorite Web sites.

The handy time-saver has something for power users, too, like smart folders that represent a combo of filtering and search, and quickly launching a document on the source list by right-clicking. A lot more little kinks have been worked out, making the extension, and Google Docs, even more productive.

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