Friday, March 7, 2008

New Way To Protect Your Personal Data - Haute Secure

Haute Secure is the only software that offers complete protection from web based malware designed to steal personal information.Haute Secure has created the only complete way to protect your personal data from web-based malware. By combining patent-pending algorithms to predict, warn, and protect users from hidden threats, with a layer of community protection that allows the user base to actively contribute additional reputation information about websites, Haute Secure covers the growing data security hole between your firewall and anti-virus programs. The free software offers three components that work together to keep your computer safe in ways not available until now:
  • Site reputation ratings and warnings of potential threats in your search results before exposure
  • First-victim protection from malware lurking in content such as videos, widgets, blogs, and banner ads
  • Collective intelligence that updates your PC when a threat is detected on another computer

The more people who use Haute Secure, the safer your computer is from data theft.

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