Saturday, December 15, 2007

Synchronise Your Bookmarks

If you use Firefox and want to keep your bookmarks, cookies and passwords the same across the different computers you use, there is a far easier way than periodically exporting and importing a file composed of your bookmarks. The free Google Browser Sync can keep all your machines up to date and you need a Google account or a Gmail address for it to work.

To use Google Browser Sync, simply install and configure the extension on all computers for which you'd like your browser settings automatically kept in sync. Even if you only install Browser Sync on a single computer, you can use it to backup your browser settings and to restore your open tabs and windows across browser sessions.

Google Browser Sync is completely automated, in which the settings you select at startup are automatically synchronized across each of the computers on which you install Browser Sync. You won't even need to log in every time you start the browser and you can change which browser components are being synced, or even stop the syncing process entirely using the settings panel in the upper-right corner of the page. The settings panel also gives you access to your PIN.

Google has complete installation and setup instructions for the Google Browser Sync and you can install it at

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