Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Have you ever come across a pop-up or site that ask you to scan your pc or displaying message saying your pc is in critical stage ? And looks like it's been sent by microsoft or some famous brand but it's not . Well if you do, DON'T EVER CLICK IT ... Most of the time you'll find all kind of pop-up or all kind of messy things happen to your pc and suddenly you know you've lost control to many function of your computer.

Have you experienced what I 've just mentioned ? IF yes , You still can easily solve this problem/s by not using an anti-virus or anti spyware but a simpler process which you need to perform SYSTEM RESTORE.

How to do it, here's the step

a) Open control panel , switch to category view
b) Click performance and maintenance
c) On the left side , click system restore
d) Choose restore my computer to an earlier time , press next
e) Choose a date date which is avaiable and make sure the choosen date is a date before the hijack time
f) Finished the process and you pc should be trouble free once more

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