Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Internet TV For You

Do you know that you can actually watch more than 2000 over TV channels from all over the world 24/7 online and it's totally free ? Yes if you don't know here's the link below how you can view all the available channels. While there are some websites offering TV stations with their version of software player at a ridiculous price like USD 19 or more, all you need is just Window Media Player and Real Player and That's all seriously.

Here's the 2 websites that I frequently use to connect to any of the available channels

1 . There are more than 2000 channels here

2 . There are about 400 channels here and the
quality here is slightly better (There's a link from my blog)

If you have Winamp Player which you can download from ( You should have the latest version) , open the player and press the button ML on the player. A new Winamp page will appear and here you choose Shoutcast tv and you should be able to receive more than 200 live TV streams . If you noticed here in winamp you also can access at 300++ radio stations.

There are varieties of catagory that you can choose. Right here are a few of my favourite channels :

- Nasa TV There are 3 channels to from and from time to time there will be live telecast from the International Space Station with the stunning view of Earth .

- Deluxe TV From Germany. A music videos channel which is live in entire Europe on normal TV. Lots of 60's 70's 80's music videos.

- Ministry of Sound Techno and and Trance music videos.From UK.

- XRM Again Techno and Trance selections.Not sure which nation.


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