Tuesday, October 2, 2007

YouTube FEATURE of The Day

I like YouTube so much because it has almost everything for all to watch.This is the 1st time I write about YouTube so you will understand me as we go along the way. My choice today will be about Luciano Pavarotti , the greatest tenor of this time. He passed away recently and his masterpiece such as La Donna E Mobile , Caruso , La Traviata , O Sole Mio ,the great Nessun Dorma and many more will never be forgotten.

The good news is YouTube has many of Luciano Pavarotti videos. You can use search like 'Pavarotti' 'Luciano Pavarotti' 'Pavarotti and Friends' to view his videos.I would like to introduce this lovely video featuring a duet with Byran Adam for his song O Sole Mio ( a version of Elvis Presley's It's Now Or Never) from Pavarotti's Pavarotti And Friends concert in 1994.

This video is great and unique , especially for Byran to sing an opera number. You can watch this video from the link below. What's your rating ?

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