Sunday, November 25, 2007


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Have you ever looked at a digital camera full of photos and thought those photos aren't going to upload themselves? Well, now you can with the latest Eye-Fi.

Eye-Fi has created a memory card with a built-in WiFi transmitter that will automatically upload your photos to any of 17 photo sites when you are within range of a designated wireless network. The 2GB SD memory card looks like any other, but it has a small antenna and WiFi service inside.

The card must be in the supplied card reader and formatted to recognize the right network. If you use photo sharing site like Shutterfly, Flickr or Facebook, the card will send photos over the Internet to Eye-Fi, which then formats them for the site you use and it also automates sign-in and passwords so that your photos seem to appear magically.

The Eye-Fi card and reader is available online from Amazon and it can also be set up to send photos directly ti your computer, if you want to be selective about what gets shared.

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