Sunday, November 25, 2007

Why I Share General Knowledge

I started reading blogs seriously only about 2 month ago and after some readings I decided to come up with my own blog. The reason I choose Pc General Knowledge is because this is what I like and good at. Spending an average of 7 hours a day allows me to surf for all kind of informations . I share it back with all my readers and my friends too. What you read everyday is something that I came across on the day or sometimes ago . This blog is like my internet diary with topic range from latest software, YouTube videos, Internet business, my affliation partners to making money online .

Being able to meet a lot of people everyday in Kuala Lumpur basically when comes to computer knowledge most of them know how to use it and mainly on applications such as E-mail, Chatting, games ( a 7 years old boy can beat the hell out of you online, like my nephew) videos and some other applications. I believes those bloggers staying here in KL knows what I'm saying . Many only know the basic usage of a computer, like my sis, when we bought this computer home that I'm am still using today. She started from zero knowledge except e-mail and today after 3 something years you can check out how she's doing at

It takes time to learn to be better for many including me. Thank God I started in the early days in the Internet Cafe era in Subang Jaya back in 97 - 98. It take my sis a while before she can come up with her own ideas. John Chow dot com was on the internet since year 2000.
It was totally a black n white layout and until Jan 2006 the heading page layout of John Chow Dot Com look like this

What an amazing year. I started 2005 living out of a rented house and single. I end 2005 owning two houses and engaged to a wonderful woman who has inspired me and challenged me to go beyond what I thought was possible.

The turning point of 2005 happened in June when I was vacationing in Shanghai. I was at the top of the Oriental Pearl Tower and that’s when I asked Sarah to marry

You can check for more past pages review at It takes John Chow all these years to be damn good as he is today. The situation that I see here is also is situation that happens everywhere. While the are many is blogging around with informations, there are many who don't, but they use a pc and these group of people are the future Internet bloggers and online money makers. Many will follow this path part time or fulltime in the future. Hopefully my blog can provide you some good help.

My blog is actually a guide for some friends of mine where I make it easy and simple to understand and pack with informations that they can go through. I became better from days after days with this kind of knowledges that I found during my time using the Internet which I also hope you all enjoy it too. If you like this post please consider subscribe to my full feed RSS or subscribe by e-mail , Thank You .

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