Thursday, November 8, 2007

Downloading Your Favourite Stuff From Internet

In my earlier post about downloading from Internet I covered a few steps of how to go about it. Today I will be explaining about getting the files and where to get it. As we know you can download many type of files like movies, mp3s, software, pc games, dvd games for PSP ,PlayStation 2 X-box,Palm etc , books, e-books, pictures and many others. Here's the best place to choose your website. Don't ask me where's the legality of of this download but you should know it already. As long it is available for we, the users , just feel free to help your taste .

"What Are The Best Torrent Search Engines?"

This is a review from Paul Gil of about the best torrent website for this year.
  1. September 2007 update: Torrentspy has declared that it will be forbidding American users from doing searches on its website, under pressure from the MPAA.

  2. Demonoid Sep. 26, 2007 update: Canadian users can no longer access Details are forthcoming, but their Canadian ISP shut them down by court order. The Canadian Recording Industry Association is behind this court order.

    September, 2007: Isohunt is barring American users from connecting to American torrent trackers. American users, however, can still use Isohunt to find torrents, and connect to third party trackers.
    July, 2007: Isohunt has over 450,000 torrents in their database. Also noteworthy: any Isohunt torrent listed as "ISOhunt release" means that it is a file verified by the administrators...a nice feature to help you locate authentic torrents and not fake files. On a sad note: Isohunt is being sued by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) for copyright infringement. If you want to use this tremendous Canadian site, you better use it while you can.


  5. (a "meta-search" engine, which is a search engine that searches other search engines)


  7. Snarf It! (born from previous Suprnova influences)

  8. (As the name implies, this is a database of public-domain content. Thanks to Anand S. for this URL.)

  9. is another torrent meta-search engine that is gaining popularity.

  10. has 190,000 torrents indexed as of April, 2007. Mininova is the successor to Suprnova, one of the original big torrent databases of the Web.

  11. (Torrentreactor has made a comeback from a hijacking and an uncooperative hosting service. They have moved to a different server setup and a Tonga country domain outside the USA. Read the details on their home page.)

  12. (special thanks to reader, Jonathan R., for this link)


  14. FYI: like Isohunt, Torrentbox is being sued by the MPAA as of February 28, 2006. The days for this fine search engine may be numbered.

  15. BTjunkie

  16. (a unique bittorrent meta-search engine that searches several of the most popular sites. Unfortunately, it does not do a good job categorizing the torrent files themselves)

  17. The Pirate Bay (Pirate Bay, by readership size, is the most popular torrent search site today. Pirate Bay has an immense database of 600,000+ torrents, the largest database at this time.)

  18. ByTorrents Meta Search


If you want a wider range of torrent site, go to this website

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