Friday, November 9, 2007

Possible To Watch FREE Satellite TV On Your Computer ?

This is one information only a limited numbers of Internet Surfer come across. All the years of surfing allows me to explore a lot of wonders the Internet could offer but this one I just discovered it just sometime ago. YES It is true that you can watch top rated and many channels such as HBO, The FOX channels, The ESPN Channels,The Stars Channels like Star World, Channel [V], Discovery, CNN, BBC and famous Chinese channels like most of the TVB and CCTV channels. Actually there are 100s of great choices for you FREE. You even can tune in Live soccer events like EPL , Champions League and other popular sports too. Great Eh .

What you can do is

1) Go to this site is in Chinese character but point your mouse at the center of the web page where there's a square box and click it where you should be ask to download it. After download you install it and open it. By right you should be able to start watching but if this doesn't happen , follow step 2

2) You can download the installer with your p2p like BitComet , BitLord ( refer to my earlier post of how to download movie/song/software etc from Internet ) and then go to torrent sites like IsoHunt at htttp:// , use the keyword " satellite tv " and download the version which is 12 or 13 MB and then install it after download is completed. Please read all the intructions before Installation. If during installation process for no. 2 there's a message of something like software is out of date displayed, then just follow the steps in no.1 again. That's how I got mine and been watching for sometimes. sometimes can be offline so do some follow up.Many of the channels require a high speed connection.Having at least 1 MB or 1024 Kbps is quite suitable. Again om the legality part of it, I got no comment. Just get it since this is available on the Internet before some authority shuts it down if it is illegal.

So I have share again with my readers a useful knowledge which could cost you up to USD 49.95. There are a number of website offering Satellite Tv software online and if you like this post please consider subscribe to my full feed RSS or subscribe by e-mail , Thank You and Enjoy your download.

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