Thursday, November 22, 2007

YouTube FEATURE of The Day

Has anyone heard of Jonas Anderson or Christy Gibson? While many have no idea who they are, Jonas and Christy is some of the most popular singers in Thailand. So far, Jonas has released 5 albums and Christy has released 3 (including a duo album together). In world where Thai and foreign pop is taking over, it's extremely refreshing to hear some Luktoong ( Thailand's
Country Songs ) .

Jonas Anderson is from Sweden and moved to Thailand when he was 9, and moved to Nakhon Ratchasima where he was exposed to Luktoong. He not only speaks Thai fluently, but also has learned to speak Isaan. He became quite popular in Sweden a few years back, and the Swedes are very proud of him.

Christy Gibson is half-Dutch and half-British and has a similar story as Jonas. She moved to Nakhon Ratchasima when she 6 and soon also exposed to Luktoong. She is also fluent in Thai, and has like Jonas, embraced Thai culture and the Thai ways.

Today YouTube feature a video of their most popular song from their duo album. Watch it and what do you think about them? You think that they can beat native Thai singers?
I think they're awesome ( they sing Luktoong waaay better than the Thais I know, even after drinking some Singha beers . Check it out .

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