Monday, November 19, 2007

Video-Sharing Site YouTube A Hit With Spammers

If you find e-mail purportedly from video-sharing site YouTube in your mailbox, be extra cautious about it. It could be spam or something worse and this has been warned from several IT security companies. It was also claimed that spammers are exploiting YouTube to promote products online.

Spammers are actually using the invite-friends feature on the popular site to send out the unsolicited mail. The spam is embedded in the YouTube message, which allows it to get past spam filters operated by Internet service providers.

A careless PC user may then click on the link, and instead of getting a YouTube video, would be sent to an online dating site or a site plugging other services and products. There tactics are said to be always employed during holiday seasons for obvious reasons, and are used by spammers and worst, hackers out to spread trojan programs and other malicious software to personal computers.

These spammers will always use a variety of attacks that take advantage of undetected vulnerabilities. It is becoming a trend for spammers to use the names of reputable dotcom companies for their own ends, where it used to e-Bay , and now, YouTube.

E-mail users are advised to be more cautious when dealing with such e-mail messages, and if in doubt, it's safer to delete the message without clicking on the link.

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